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Multi-resolution calendar using CSS3

I am trying to write examples of how a truly resolution independent website would be written if you only had to worry about modern, standards-compliant browsers. This is a grid calendar that collapses into a list when the browser window shrinks beyond a certain point. The idea is to create (without javascript if possible) a… Read more »

Music History I – Martin Luther, the German Reformation, and their impact on sacred music.

  Martin Luther Martin Luther, leader of the German Reformation, was a gifted tenor, flutist, lutenist, poet, and composer (Schalk, 19 – 20). He admired and extensively used polyphonic music from the Netherlands, particularly that of Josquin des Pres (Bainton, 268) (Grout, 214). Luther personally composed and arranged at least 10 chorales (Bainton, 266-267). When… Read more »

Force Google SafeSearch in DansGuardian

I have been trying to get DansGuardian (now called E2Guardian) to force everyone to go through Google SafeSearch when they are searching using any Google service (images, web search, code, whatever). DansGuardian, as of, includes the ability to run Regular Expressions on urls, body content, and headers. Google allows you to force safesearch by… Read more »

AVG vs. Filter

For future reference: if AVG antivirus gives you a binary file error, check to see if the filter is blocking certain file extensions.

What else is new?

This election is fascinating, for several reasons. It represents the collision of the French Revolution’s view of liberty and freedom, vs. the American Revolution’s view of liberty and freedom. There is one major difference from which all the other differences are derived. The reason that humans have rights. In the “declaration of independence” from the… Read more »

Smart Board Jitter Problem

I finally fixed a problem yesterday with a smart board. Basically, if you see any kind of jitter when drawing on the board, check to see if the bottom mounting screws are insulated. This can be fixed with some electrical tape or rubber washers. More details (Warning, PDF).

Windows Server Redirected Folders Solved!!!

I finally solved my long-standing problem with redirecting the my documents folder to a share on the server. I couldn’t get the GPO to actually apply the redirect. What made it more annoying was that synchronize would enable and apply changes on login and logout. So for future reference: change the root share to be… Read more »

Play Video/DVD on secondary display

I am trying to play a video or DVD on a secondary monitor without showing any controls on it, or having to drag any windows onto it. I basically need a media player with a powerpoint-like presentation mode. This needs to work on Windows Vista. I have looked at VLC and Windows Media Player. VLC… Read more »