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Firefox, SPDY, and BSecure Cloud Care

I encountered a strange issue the other day where a client couldn’t upload attachments to Gmail using Firefox. It worked fine in IE8 (Windows XP), and the rest of Gmail seemed to work, just attachments were weird. I disabled spdy in about:config and uploading suddenly worked flawlessly. In tracking down the issue, I noticed that… Read more »

Ted Talk Resize App

I got tired of doing all of the calculations manually every time I wanted to embed a Ted Talk. This little app will allow you to easily scale the embed code for a Ted Talk to any arbitrary size. I hope it helps you!

GetSimple Plugin – Image Resize Filter

I wrote a plugin for GetSimple CMS to automatically resize images that have been inserted and resized in the WYSIWYG editor. I found the Drupal equivalent to be one of my favorite modules, and as such I wanted it on my GetSimple sites. Any code review and/or comments would be very helpful! This is licensed… Read more »

IE Bug with Comments and Object Tag

For future reference, and to hopefully keep others from having hours of frustration. <=IE8 cannot handle HTML comments inside the param section of an object tag. So if you have: 1 2 3 4 5 <object> <param /> <!–<param />–> <param /> </object><object> <param /> <!–<param />–> <param /> </object> The entire section will fail.

Beginnings of HTML5 Project Starfighter

I started rewriting Project Starfighter using Javascript and the HTML5 Canvas. A lot has been completed, but much remains. I think the basic structure of the ships and weapons is done as well as gameplay logic, although some tweaking remains. The primary reason I am posting this is because I don’t know if I will… Read more »

Simple game

Here is a game I wrote a while ago. I don’t think the concept was mine, but I rewrote it in Javascript… The goal is to make the entire grid one color is 22 plays or fewer. To do this, you select a color from the bottom row at which point all contiguous squares from… Read more »

Network Neutrality 2

After rereading the previous post, I realized that I was addressing the previous comments on that Slashdot thread. So here is a better statement of my ideas on the network neutrality question. The issue that sparked (in tech circles at least) the network neutrality debate was ISP throttling of Bittorrent. Bittorrent is a peer-to-peer file… Read more »

Laptop Buying Guide

I wrote this for a friend and then decided to post it here. If you would like me to expand on something or clarify, please comment. The top laptop brand, in my opinion, is Apple. Apple hardware is more reliable and better designed, as is their software. This comes at a price. It is up… Read more »

Content Filters

Every so often, I get asked for a recommendation for a content filter — usually accompanied by the adjectives perfect or best. My answer is that the best content filter available is called Parental Supervision. It is free and easy to install, but difficult to maintain… As for actual software, I haven’t dealt with any… Read more »