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Walther on Church Membership

C.F.W. Walther wrote a letter to incoming members as to what he expects membership to entail. Interesting and relevant to our times. Found via Steadfast Lutherans. Interesting quotes: A genuine member of a Lutheran congregation must have a thorough understanding of pure Lutheran doctrine or at least must desire to grow in the knowledge of it…. Read more »

Superdesk – an open source CMS for newsrooms

The AAP is sponsoring the development of an open source newsroom CMS. They have Docker and Vagrent VMs, a live-blog component, and it looks like they communicate with NewsML G2. “Enter Australian Associated Press, a news agency playing the wholesale game with its competitors and collaborators. These are your Reuters, your Associated Presses, Agence France-Presses,… Read more »

Useful article on optimizing WebSocket Bandwidth

Eric Li writes about the process of Optimizing WebSockets Bandwidth. I found the degree to which things like byte alignment, enums, struct packing, and other low level techniques matter here to be interesting. “All the complexity of assembler with the efficiency of javascript.”

Subresource integrity

A really useful feature, which I hope gets broad browser support: Subresource integrity. It basically allows a reference to include the SHA256 hash of the expected result. As such, you could link to a download on another site and verify that the downloaded file was not tampered with. Another use I would like is if the… Read more »

Sacrament after distribution

Steadfast Lutherans has an article discussing what to do with the leftovers. This caught my attention because my wife and I were discussing this last Sunday. I love how the practice is all centered around proclaiming and practicing the doctrine of the real presence.