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New Hymnsoft!

In the list of presentations for the WELS 2011 Worship Conference is a session on the new Hymnsoft player (page 8). Sounds like progress has finally been made. On another note, I wish I could attend everything there. I was in the high school honor choir last time, and will be going again this year… Read more »

Some Hymnsoft workarounds

I have had to make Hymnsoft work with increasing adoption of Windows 7 x64 at Salem, and have come up with some workarounds for now. If you just need to play the hymns, you can rename the .NDX files to be more useful. The files in the SRCHNDX directory are the four part harmonizations and… Read more »

HymnSoft rewrite

I have been working on reverse engineering HymnSoft and creating a new client that works on the existing data. I am ready to release an early version. I am calling it TfosHnyh (hint: backwards). It currently parses the hymnsoft hymn database and displays the information. It also plays the hymns, both four-part, and melody. It… Read more »

Hymnsoft Followup

Earlier, I showed how to get Hymnsoft to work in Vista with its new security model. I now am updating some staff at my church to Windows 7 x64 and hit a different problem with Hymnsoft. As mentioned previously, Hymnsoft is a 16 bit application, a relic (if you saw this word and chuckled, you… Read more »

Hymnsoft Vista compatability

NEWS FLASH!!!! SOFTWARE RELEASED IN 2007 MAKES IT HARD TO USE SOFTWARE DESIGNED BEFORE 1995. I really want to know why NPH is still using and maintaining Hymnsoft in its current form. Hymnsoft is a piece of software that allows church faculty to have the LW hymnal in electronic form. Really cool program. Only one… Read more »