New Hymnsoft!

In the list of presentations for the WELS 2011 Worship Conference is a session on the new Hymnsoft player (page 8). Sounds like progress has finally been made.

On another note, I wish I could attend everything there. I was in the high school honor choir last time, and will be going again this year as a full attendee. I will hopefully be in the Festival Chorus…

3 Responses to “New Hymnsoft!”

  1. Zack Parsons

    A pastor contactacted me regarding using Hymnsoft (which they now play through their church sound sound system) and were told they could play it through their Rodgers organ via a usb to midi input. Here are my questions – has anyone done this successfully? How is registration selected?

  2. William Johnston

    I have no idea, I haven’t used Hymnsoft in that way. I was mostly concerned with getting it to run on Windows Vista/7 x64.

    However, the comment by Andrew seems to explain exactly what you want to do.

  3. Carl Nolte

    Do you know of anyone who works with MIDI-Ox and Windows 8? We are trying to get the new HymnSoft 3.0 Player to work with external MIDI devices, but we need something to remap the channels.

    Carl Nolte


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