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Android 2.3 and the HTML5 Audio API

I ran into an issue with Android 2.3 and the HTML5 audio element. Evidently, you cannot reuse an instance of the Audio class. For example, if I define a sound, and play it: var aud = new Audio(); aud.src = ‘mysound.mp3’;; And then on finish try to reuse the variable: aud.src = ‘mysecondsound.mp3’;; The… Read more »

Sony Dash and general device lock-in

It is so tremendously frustrating when a company releases a device which is locked down and then discontinues it without allowing modifications. I have a Sony Dash. It is a really slick piece of hardware with a capacitive touch screen and accelerometer. It is also based off of the Chumby OS. I was hoping that I… Read more »

Android 2.x and inline-table

I hit an issue today with an older Android phone and thought I would document it here. It appears that Android 2.x (in my case, 2.3) has an issue where if inline-table is used, and then javascript manipulates the dom, strange layout things happen.

HiDPI (Retina) Display jQuery Plugin

Just throwing this out there. A very simple plugin for jQuery to handle images when javascript is already required and/or indexing isn’t important. It simply allows you to define two images via the data-* attributes and select them based on whether the browser/system is in a HiDPI mode. Normal HiDPI caveats apply: This requires javascript…. Read more »

G. A. Henty

I responded to a question about G. A. Henty’s books in general via email, and thought it worth including here: I highly recommend just about all of the Henty books. Consistent themes throughout are honor, character, determination, self-discipline, and respect for women. For a curriculum, I especially recommend Henty for tracing the history of England…. Read more »

iTunes API Valid Image Sizes

I needed to find out for work what images sizes were provided by iTunes. The API only provides links to 30×30, 60×60, and 100×100 pixel images. However, you can run a string replace to get larger sizes by replacing the string 100×100 with one of the below sizes. For example:×100-75.jpg becomes:×1200-75.jpg To see… Read more »

SQL Queries for Cleaning Up Exploits

I am finally getting to bed after spending several hours cleaning up a database infection (not my code). Basically, every string field had a script tag injected into it at the beginning, and some at the end. Here are the SQL queries I ended up writing to fix this: For the beginning of the field…. Read more »

Random Musings Regarding Individuality and Worship

I thought this worth recording, which generally means it isn’t worth your reading. Some have expressed curiosity at to what goes through my head. Here is a brain dump from this morning’s drive… Individuality isn’t nearly as good as I usually hear it portrayed. The individual is alone. Very alone. And yet we spend half… Read more »