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WELS Synod President weighs in on translation question

The WELS Synod President has weighed in on the translation question. I hope that the project of a confessional Lutheran translation comes to fruition. I was quite concerned with the idea of just placing the decision in the hands of NPH as to which translation to use, and I’m concerned about the potential of a… Read more »

Luther’s Sacristy Prayer for Laymen

It struck me today how appropriate this prayer would be to another vocation. For my future (hopefully) reference with slight modification: Lord God, You have placed me as a father and leader in a family, but you see how unsuited I am to meet so great and difficult a task. If I had lacked Your help, I… Read more »

“Jesus Take Us To The Mountain” for TTBB

Here is a rearrangement of hymn 712 in Christian Worship: Supplement for Men’s Chorus. Carl Shalk’s setting of Jaroslav J. Vajda’s text for Transfiguration. Copyright issues might apply here, so if anyone complains I’ll take this down. Hopefully everyone looking for this would already have a copy of CWS or another hymnal with this hymn and thus has covered copyright…. Read more »