By faith alone.


It is all too hard.

Why must I attempt to wrap my head around God’s gifts?

Why can I not simply ignore the doubts which Satan implants and the sinful flesh relishes?

Why must even my faith be imperfect?

We are caught in a paradox where we understand and comprehend all things through reason. And yet reason itself is corrupt and cannot clearly comprehend such things. And in the midst of all this, God implants faith.

Faith which simply clings to the pure and simple Word enfleshed.

We can’t event wrap our rational minds around this faith.

And so we live in tension.

Our faith clings to the Word. Our mind struggles to comprehend it, and sometimes comes close, and sometimes fails completely.

And it constantly comes back to that faith.

That faith which we have of pure gift.

Which is the only thing holding us to God,

If we were to be given salvation, and told that to remain saved, we would simply have to understand and believe, we would still fall away.

But it is true:

By grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God

I don’t understand it.

Yet I cling to it, by faith alone.

My intellect cannot accept it,

My flesh cannot stand it,

And yet it is. And I believe it by pure and simple faith given by grace.

On a related note, Hammer of God is an amazing book.

To think of what this man had to go through spiritually and mentally to be able to write such.

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