Fugue No. 1 in D Minor

I finally wrote a fugue. I have loved the style and wanted to be able to for a long time, but finally learned enough about counterpoint to achieve it. The fugue is in three voices and is arranged for organ although no particular instrumentation is suggested. The middle voice switches between bass and treble clef continuously, alto clef would be better but no one wants to read that anymore. I also have included a two stave version.

The subject is two measures long and there is a counter-subject. There are several examples of harmonies (Neapolitan, Augmented Sixth) that Bach didn’t use much and gives a slightly modern feel to the work. There are examples of two and three voice stretto and inversion.

The form mimics that of Bach’s Fugue No. 6 also in D Minor from the Well Tempered Clavier Book 1.

Fugue – Finale recording of organ
Fugue – Organ transcription using lilypond
Fugue – Two stave version using finale

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  1. Grandma Katie

    I am very impressed. You are wonderful and I am very fortunate to have such a talented grandson.


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