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Music History I – Martin Luther, the German Reformation, and their impact on sacred music.

  Martin Luther Martin Luther, leader of the German Reformation, was a gifted tenor, flutist, lutenist, poet, and composer (Schalk, 19 – 20). He admired and extensively used polyphonic music from the Netherlands, particularly that of Josquin des Pres (Bainton, 268) (Grout, 214). Luther personally composed and arranged at least 10 chorales (Bainton, 266-267). When… Read more »

What else is new?

This election is fascinating, for several reasons. It represents the collision of the French Revolution’s view of liberty and freedom, vs. the American Revolution’s view of liberty and freedom. There is one major difference from which all the other differences are derived. The reason that humans have rights. In the “declaration of independence” from the… Read more »