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Network Neutrality 2

After rereading the previous post, I realized that I was addressing the previous comments on that Slashdot thread. So here is a better statement of my ideas on the network neutrality question. The issue that sparked (in tech circles at least) the network neutrality debate was ISP throttling of Bittorrent. Bittorrent is a peer-to-peer file… Read more »

Network Neutrality

I just posted a comment on Slashdot in response to a poorly worded summary and thought I would expand here. The issue that most “thinking” conservatives (i.e. not those who simply parrot whatever various talk shows put out) have with the network neutrality concept is not the ideal of keeping an ISP from blocking or… Read more »

Child accounts on Gmail using labels and filters

Here is a neat trick using several features of Gmail to create email accounts for kids that are parentally supervised. Gmail forwards all emails of the form username+[sometext] to The original goal for this feature was to make it possible to track where an email addressed was sourced. However, you can also use this… Read more »

Facebook prototype glitch

Interesting situation earlier today. I wonder how you accidentally expose a prototype Facebook page layout to the world. One thing I noted that changed is that Facebook chat worked over https while the prototype was live. I use the HTTP Everywhere Firefox addon which secures my Facebook usage from the likes of Firesheep and friends,… Read more »

Blackberry sync issue

In case anyone else runs across this issue, an apostrophe in an email address will cause Blackberry sync for Google Apps to fail when you try to log in. Log in is successful, but you cannot sync any shared calendars.

Group policy deployment failure in Windows 7

I was having some issues with one of the computers on the domain. It refused to execute the installers during boot and threw event IDs 103 and 101. I found the solution, and am quoting it below for future reference. The solution is to set “Startup policy processing wait time” in group policy. It’s located… Read more »

Group Policy Deployment of Adobe Reader

For future reference. It appears that Adobe Reader includes both the original 9.3.0 msi file and the patch transforms for updates. If you want to use group policy to deploy an update, you need to update the msi using the patch files.

Sysprep Problems

I recently had an issue with Windows Deployment Services where I has created an image using sysprep, but on installing it I was greeted with the error message: “Windows could not finish configuring the system. To attempt to resume configuration, restart the computer.” I figured out by accident that if you reboot the system, hold… Read more »

Multi-resolution calendar using CSS3

I am trying to write examples of how a truly resolution independent website would be written if you only had to worry about modern, standards-compliant browsers. This is a grid calendar that collapses into a list when the browser window shrinks beyond a certain point. The idea is to create (without javascript if possible) a… Read more »