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Network Neutrality 2

After rereading the previous post, I realized that I was addressing the previous comments on that Slashdot thread. So here is a better statement of my ideas on the network neutrality question. The issue that sparked (in tech circles at least) the network neutrality debate was ISP throttling of Bittorrent. Bittorrent is a peer-to-peer file… Read more »

Network Neutrality

I just posted a comment on Slashdot in response to a poorly worded summary and thought I would expand here. The issue that most “thinking” conservatives (i.e. not those who simply parrot whatever various talk shows put out) have with the network neutrality concept is not the ideal of keeping an ISP from blocking or… Read more »

What else is new?

This election is fascinating, for several reasons. It represents the collision of the French Revolution’s view of liberty and freedom, vs. the American Revolution’s view of liberty and freedom. There is one major difference from which all the other differences are derived. The reason that humans have rights. In the “declaration of independence” from the… Read more »